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How to Make Custom Spellcards for You and Your Friends

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

by: Jon

Step 1

Subtly get your groups spell list

Step 2

Get Matt’s Item Card free download at:

Needs a bit of tweaking to the attached. I put the name of the spell on both the front and back at the top along with (, 1st, 2nd, etc…), then on the grey line underneath on the front, I put the verbal, somatic, material or whatever combination needed. On the back I put the school of magic it is.

Step 3

Transcribe the spells as their written out in either the phb or wherever. You can fiddle with the alignment so their aligned to the left and along the top. You can also “hit enter” when you’re in the spell description cell by using alt + enter. I bold faced the material components, casting time, range, duration and the other bold faced type just to set it off a bit. In this example you can see you need to kinda break it up sometimes onto two cards, I usually looked to make it as far as possible and then break someplace natural for layout. For example my Find Familiar spell took up a solid two cards. When you know you need to break them up some, I usually start with sheet one on page one and then run that for awhile until I’m pretty sure I’m over the size limit of the cell and then get the print preview to figure out where to cut it off. Then I’ll add to the back of the second card usually the “at higher levels” or the last paragraph and then kinda eyeball it and play with font size from there to get it all to fit, I try to keep the font size the same at least for that spell so it looks ok but I’ll usually use size 8-10 point depending on how much room I have. Keep in mind we’re low level characters, and I just looked at Prismatic Wall and Teleport, which MAY need 3 cards.) In this example I broke up Ceremony into the various rituals, I think that just looks better, I MAY have been able to smoosh it into 3 sides but why when 4 looks better without breaking up any of the rituals? At this point, you will probably have 3 or sometimes 4 spells set up on two sheets, the front and back. I am currently saving these under a folder named for the character and with the names of the spells so this one is saved as Spellbook Bless Ceremony Compelled Duel. I figure this way, I will be able to track down replacement/duplicate spellcards for the other casters in the group and HOPEFULLY get the full set of spellcards made, fingers crossed.

Step 4

Print all your spell cards off, this is a bit tedious getting both sides printed off correctly unless you have a fancy printer that does both sides without having to flip the paper around. I used card stock paper (Georgia Pacific Premium 110 weight) but I’d imagine regular paper would work as well.

Step 5

Cut up all your cards, I used the wife's roller cutter and cutting mat along with her big scrap booking ruler (because it’s clear and easier to line up in my opinion) I started with all the “11” inch cuts on the outside and then the “8 and a half” cuts as well, then I cut the inside tiny strip off and then individually cut them down from there.

Step 6

Rough up the edges a bit. For this I used a box cutter and just kinda frayed the edges some. You don’t need to go crazy for this, just enough to have it show some wear, it does get a bit messy so I recommend your back stoop if possible.

Step 7

Brew up a big cup of coffee for your travel mug, preferably on a sunny day. This is what you’ll be using to age your paper. Once your mugs full, crumple up your spell cards and toss them in the mug, The reason I recommend a travel mug is because you can put the cover back on and help keep the cards submerged. Leave them in the coffee for about an hour.

Step 8

Lay your cards out in the sun to dry. If it’s a pretty warm day out you should have them all mostly dried in about a half an hour, I usually turn them over about 15 minutes in, just to make sure it dries evenly and to keep the edges from sticking to whatever they’re drying on. If it’s too cold or cloudy out, you can put them in your oven set on the lowest temp (I think mine was 200 degrees) for like 10 minutes a side until they’re dry.

Step 9

Once your cards are thoroughly dried out, go ahead and lightly flatten them back out. I just rubbed both sides on my pants, to help get the coffee grounds off as well as flatten them out. Then place them under a pile of D&D books for a few days to help flatten them out.

Step 10

Laminate. I used our laminator and “business card laminating pouches” from the office store, I got 100 for $25. I’m sure they’re available on Amazon cheaper but old habits die hard. I also got a crayon box there that they fit amazingly well in. They also fit in those card boxes you use for Pokemon, magic etc... although it’s a tad snug.