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Keeping Your Paint Brushes Alive

By Brian:

Here are some quick tips on keeping your paint brush alive:

1 – Keep the paint towards the tip of your brush. If you get paint well into the bristles and also into the ferrule you will start to see your bristles spreading out and you will lose your point to your brush.

2 – Store your brush upright. Do not store it with the bristles face down.

3 – Paint with your good brushes, smash and dry brush paint with your junk brushes. If you are jamming your brush into small areas on your model it will start to ruin the tip of your brush. Again, use a junk brush for these instances.

4 – Curl or spin your bristles during or after use to keep the point. When you are painting or after you are done painting get into the habit of curling or spinning the bristles back into a point. It helps keep the point.

5 – Synthetic brushes will curl over a short time. Getting something made from fur, like sable fur will last a lot longer. Like one brush can last years.

6 - Rinse and clean your brushes. After you are done painting, definitely rinse your brushes with water. Then every so often you can use brush soap to help clean them as well. I hope this helps you from keep your brushes looking real nice.