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Painting Base Coats Walk Through for Beginners

By: Brian

I first like to prime my models black. Then spray some white primer over the top of that. This is called xenithal priming. I used to prime just black and I know a lot of people do. I now prefer to have white on the model because it takes less paint to cover an area, and the paint's color stays brighter. You will hear people complain about how hard it is to paint red. One reason is because they are painting over a black surface. If someone painting red paints over a white surface they will find it is a lot easier.

Now I am going to simply color block out my model. I chose Iosan Green for this Deathripper. I do not paint straight from the pot. I will mix my paint with some water to get a similar consistency of skin milk. With that watered down paint (maybe 1:3 water:paint ratio) I apply my green. I try to paint in the same direction, and keep within the lines (like a coloring book). If you see streaks on your first layer, just wait for that layer to dry, then apply another layer. I recall this green needing 2-3 layers. I also recommend not picking dark colors to start. Even if you want a dark green, don't paint withe the darkest green. Start with an middle ground green so you have an area to highlight and to shade later.

Next I chose to do the silver areas. Now, I should have absolutely taken the time to paint those areas black first and painted silver over the top of that when it dried. However, this is what the silver looks like over white. Not the greatest but it works. Again, I watered down my paint, and stayed within the lines.

Next I moved onto the gold. With gold you want to paint the areas brown first which is shown below. Gold over white will look odd.

While I waited for the brown paint to dry I painted a bone color over the bone areas of the model

I then moved onto the orange. With the orange area I watered the orange paint down a bit more than usual to make somewhat of a wash. Then I applied that to the area I wanted orange. This is a quick way to get a bit of a glowing look with the orange area.

Finally I get my gold out and apply it over the areas I painted brown.

I took out a darker green to paint some of the smoke stacks.

Without doing any washes, shading, or highlighting I have some simple base coats down. This can get your models to a simple tabletop quality. Once you start getting your base coats down consistently you can start working on your next techniques to make the model stand out. Also, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple too. If you are not big into painting but want painted models, this can be a simple way to accomplish that.