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Removing Paint From Old Models

by Brian

Sometimes you have miniatures laying around that you painted years ago, or sometimes you buy used minis that are painted and you want to remove the paint and start them over. Here is a quick, cheap, and easy way to remove paint from models.

Here are some minis that I wanted to remove the paint from. The two Halflings are WizKids plastic Nolzur's D&D minis, while the other is a metal Privateer Press model of the Warcaster Stryker. I decided to do this while listening to the Tabletop Minions YouTube show "The Every Other Sunday Show" which lasts 2 hours. I can't tell you how excited I was to see the results by the end of the two hour show.

Also to note, the Stryker model was primed many years ago with a rattle can primer, likely Krylon. The Halfling models were airbrushed primed with Vallejo Black Surface Primer. The glue used on Stryker was likely Loctite superglue.

Here is the magic solution. It is at a lot of local Dollar Stores and it is called LA's Totally Awesome. From the label it appears to be fairly safe for a cleaner\paint stripper.

I took about half water and half LA's Totally Awesome and added it o a container. My container is an ultrasonic cleaner which can be found on Amazon for around $30. You can still get the same results without an ultrasonic cleaner. It may take longer but I bet it won't take a lot longer.

Pour enough water and LA to completely submerge the models you are looking to strip.

I closed the lid of the ultrasonic cleaner and ran it for the max time of 480 seconds. Then continued to listen to the "Every Other Sunday Show".

After the initial 480 seconds I decided to check on the minis to see what it looked like.

I could see that the liquid already changed the color so I decided to scrub the models. Some of the paint came off but not a lot as seen below.

I ended up putting the models back into the liquid and ran my ultrasonic cleaner a few times over the next 2 hours, and yes, continued to listen to the "Every Other Sunday Show". After the two hours I checked on the models again and was pleasantly surprised. The liquid was quite discolored.

I then decided to try and scrub. Not only did I start scrubbing off paint easily, my superglue was dissolved.

As you can see the models cleaned up great! The D&D mins showed no damage to the plastic minis. The green stuff I sculpted onto the models and the bases was not effected as well.

As per the Stryker model, you can see that the paint and glue came off with ease.

Now these models are ready for me to re-prime and repaint. With very little time and money you can easily strip off the paint from old models.