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Textured Rolling Pins for Basing Minis

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

by: Brian has a lot of great products for hobbyists. They are actually great people as well. One of their great products is textured rolling pins. These glass rolling pins can give you quick and consistent basing options for your miniatures. Below are the steps on how to use one of these pins.

1. Get a pin of your liking at There are loads to choose from.

2. Tape off your slot base if you are using one of those.

3. Put down some green stuff on the base.

4. Roll the pin over the base.

5. Clean up the edges if you like.

With those simple steps and a little bit of green stuff, or any type of air dry material that won’t be too sticky for the pin, you can start basing your models. The different areas of the roller will give you uniformity on your base while providing nice variations.